Group bookings

(a) Hostel Connect considers any booking that is for 7 or more persons a group booking. (b) Guests that are part of a group booking still must comply with and/or are subject to sections 1,2,3,4,5, and 6. (c) Guests that book several booking to exceed section (7a) above maybe refused entry. (d) Guests that wish to make a group booking must make a request to the hostel and or agree to the terms and conditions for group bookings. When submitting your request, the following info must be included: age of guests, nationality, number of leaders and nature of group i.e. stag or hen parties, sporting event, school trip, etc. At least one group leader must be with the group at all times – this is in case of an emergency or inappropriate behaviour. (d) Group leader’s responsibilities: The group leader must ensure that the whole group co-operates fully with our staff if, for example, the building needs to be promptly evacuated. (e) We do not offer coach parking, please ensure that drivers are fully aware of this and have organised proper coach parking prior to arrival.

Booking & Cancellation:

(a) A first instalment of 25% of the full booking value must be paid to confirm the reservation. (b) The remaining will need to be paid at least 30 days prior to the group arrival date. Bookings made prior to our group cancellation terms in section (7c) below, will need to be paid in full and will Non-Refundable as per section (4a). (c) Our group cancellation policy is 28 days for groups of 10 or more guests and 14 days for groups of 9 or less, before the group’s arrival. A refund cannot be given if notice of cancellation is given less than this period. (d) We will do our best to accommodate a change in the number of guests providing it does not exceed 20% of the total number of guests in the group and as long as it requested at least 30 days before the group’s arrival. (e) We will accommodate the number of people in the room types specified on the booking and pre-confirmed by you. In the circumstance that more people arrive with your group than have been booked with us, we will try and accommodate the extra people but this subject to availability. (f) One group leader will be required to fill in a credit card authorization form upon arrival for a “Group Deposit”. This will need to be the card holder. We will pre-authorize the card for £200 for groups of 9 or less and £300 for groups of 10 or more. Money will be deducted if;

  • Members of group are misbehaving in or outside the building, being noisy or causing damage to the property
  • Interfering with fire alarm or smoking in the room
  • Waking other guests in the hostel due to (a) above

This list is not conclusive. Deposits MUST be paid by presenting a credit card. Cash deposits are NOT accepted. Please keep in mind that we cannot always accommodate groups all on the same floor because of the layout of the buildings and the room type chosen, but we will always try and do our best to accommodate groups close together.

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